What Leaders Are Saying

Rehnborg, Sarah Jane

Strategic Volunteer Engagement, A Guide for Nonprofit and Public Sector Leaders. The University of Texas at Austin, 2009.

“While it is true that volunteers operate without receiving market-value compensation for the work preformed, any serious organizational initiative – of any type – requires a strategic vision and an outlay of time, attention, and infrastructure. Someone needs to be assigned the important task of overseeing the venture, of facilitating community involvement, of preparing volunteers for the task at hand, of supporting their ongoing involvement, and of thanking them for the time given. The organization needs to know what it hopes to achieve and how that end product will help meet the overall goals of the group. The organization’s staff and leadership need to be committed to working with volunteers and, in many cases, offered staff development opportunities to learn how to work well with the community. In short, a credible effort needs a vision and plan, resources sufficient to the task at hand, and a dedicated, skilled, point person to assure that tasks run smoothly and reach completion.”